Romp to the Swamp Afterparty

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Romp to the Swamp Afterparty

Postby blokhead » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:53 am

The afterparty for the Romp to the Swamp is this Saturday at 7:00 pm at Schooner's Bar & Grill in Irmo. They have a huge outdoor patio that is perfect for our needs. They are generously donating 5% of ALL REVENUE WE GENERATE to the American Diabetes Association. This event is open to EVERYONE, not just those of us participating in the race. All you have to do to show your support is drink a beer and eat some chicken wings.

Schooners Bar & Grill
6226 Bush River Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

(Located right next to the dam on the Irmo side.)

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