Dagger Crossfire and skirt $200

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Dagger Crossfire and skirt $200

Postby bbbbrass » Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:02 pm

I guess it's that time. Selling my Crossfire, as it's not great with huge feet like mine and when I rarely get to paddle now I want to be comfortable. It's an awesome, fast long boat. Very little rocker or volume. To save you time, it 11'2" 70 gallons. Blue (if that matters) and in great shape for being made in 1995. no oil cans, no gouges, been store inside hanging or on it's end while I have had it for the last five years. Outfitting is rustic, with foot pegs, a thermo seat, and a piece of foam for the back. It is very easy to install a backband, but I have preferred the foam.
I am in Charleston, but can hook up some testing on the Saluda if you would like. It is a condition of buying this boat that you have to wear the vintage red perception skirt it comes with, paddle fast, and boof often.

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