OK......I got the bug.....

Since there are several of us boaters who love to mountain bike....
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OK......I got the bug.....

Postby McGreevey » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:06 pm

Just took my first mountain bike ride......yes, I'm hooked......there are some nice trails called Jack Rabbit Trails about 11 miles from here. I've borrowed Caroline's Gary Fisher......it's a nice full suspension bike.....

OK.....so literally, this was the first time I had been on a bike in eons.......rode for about 90 minutes and didn't see the same trail twice......it was pretty sweet....several loop sections.

My ass is killing me........do I need some of those sweet spandex shorts that Curt Davis wears? Do they make shorts with padding that doesn't make me look like a Chippendale's dancer....

Any good advice on some websites to check out?

What kind of shoes do you wear? The bike I'm using has slip in toe clips

I feel like I lean on my hands too much.....anybody else?

I'm going to start looking for a used bike.....any advice?

I feel like I started to get the hang of shifting gears.....when to do so during inclines and descents......

Thanks for your help.

Does this boat make my ass look big?
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Postby doctorblunt » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:53 pm

They make baggy shorts with crotch pads. Curt Davis wears the stretchy ones because he likes them.
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Re: OK......I got the bug.....

Postby Blackwater » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:04 pm

McGreevey wrote:Any good advice on some websites to check out?


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Postby ThomasW » Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:49 pm

I've been feeling like I'm being pushed forward to the bars a lot too until recently when I tilted my seat back, haha. Shifts the weight to your seat bones and less from your crotch and hands, a lot better.

I don't think slip in pedals would be all that great, unless you can come out of them quick. Clip in pedals and shoes you just twist you feet and they pop out. I would really like to get a set because my friend burns me on the ascents using his.

Just bought some canondale padded shots (spandex) for $35 at Dicks sporting goods, then I just wear shorts or thermals or whatever over. You should consider that. I ride a hard tail, can't believe I didn't get bike shorts sooner.

I'd kill for a fs bike.
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Postby bigtime » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:27 am

Why did you wait until you MOVED! Curt Davis and I have been trying to get folks to go biking forever. Glad to hear you went and you liked it though.

Definitely check out mtbr.com ...they have a ton of info on their forums.

For shorts, you can buy baggy shorts with the chamois in them. I have a pair of specialized body geometry shorts like this that are vented. They were pretty expensive though.

As for pedals, definitely go "clipless" for cross-country riding. Clipless are the ones you actually clip your shoes onto. I use, and most folks I know use the Shimano SPD pedals. You need shoes to match your pedals.

The whole "leaning on your hands" thing comes with time I think. After a while, your technique will get better and you won't do that as much. You should really keep your elbows slightly bent. Sometimes I have to think about my posture a little bit.

Oh yeah, you still need to go to FATS. You'll love it.

Here's some sites for deals:




lots of others too

Here's some other good sites with info, video, etc.


sirbikesalot.com (helmet cam video of tons of trails)


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Postby Blood_Runs_Orange » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:56 am

Crank Bro's mallets for pedals. They're a proprietary clip, but I've had the same pair of peddles on 3 different MTB's over 5 years and they're still going great. You can ride with flat shoes too with the Mallets, if you just want to jet around campus or beer run.

http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/17447- ... Pedals.htm

The SPDs are good, and pretty standard fair, easy to find replacement cleats, but you gotta have your shoes or some of these to ride:

http://www.outsideoutfitters.com/p-1216 ... r-set.aspx

What I like about the Crank Bros are the any-side entry, and it's a lot more natural to clip in than the SPD where you have a pretty entertaining learning curve of looking down to rotate them the right way. Back when I had a road bike, I got too close to a run-in with a beer truck while looking down and switched to Crank Bros eggbeaters for the Any Side Entry.
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Postby Toddtar » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:59 am

I have a specialized Enduro Pro for sale.

Read reviews http://www.mtbr.com/cat/older-categories-bikes/2003-full-suspension/specialized/enduro-pro/PRD_361302_1509crx.aspx

$500 thats a great deal
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Postby Ontime » Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:07 pm

:D: Here Goes :D:

Baggies are nice but expensive as Jeff said. The other alternative is to use the spandex with shorts over them. You can get padded underwear specifically made for wearing under shorts but they are not as durable. I have both baggies and spandex. The great thing about spandex is the ability to show off your package :D: When I wear my spandex I look like Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) I mean the scene when he is first trying his superhero suit back on after years of a sedentary desk job lifestyle. It was a little embarrassing at first. After making the switch to spandex shorts (to be worn under shorts) from the padded underwear, my first trip was to Sumter. There was 1 car in the lot, I was alone. I knew I wouldn't see anybody. I decided I would use spandex only. Before I got out of the parking lot, 2 hot girls came riding up to that one other car. :doh: :blush: I left in a hurry and didn't look back. What I came to find out that day was that the spandex shorts don't get caught on the seat when I am transferring my weight (large buttocks) forward and back. On steep climbs you need the nose of the seat in your butt and on steep descents you need to hang your fanny out over the rear tire. Sometimes the transition needs to happen quick. I now ride a full suspension bike and I don't seem to have to do as much of that as with my hard tail but still do wear the spandex most of the time. I am not as worried about how I look now, I just except it. I still won't wear a tight shirt; always a baggy one. I guess I am not completely over it.

If you know you want to ride in regular shoes get cages or power grips. Clipless, binding type pedals with special shoes, are what you want ultimately. SPD are great and you can find them fairly cheap. As BRO stated before they have only 2 sides and sometimes it is difficult to clip in when you are in a hurry. Eggbeaters and that whole line seem like a very good setup. I have been thinking of switching to them.

Leaning on hands. Yes it is a problem, usually when you get tired or just lazy. You will see that your turns are much more labored when you have too much weight on the bars. Sometimes it doesn't matter. When it really matters you will know to get your weight right, It's usually on steep descents. I am bad about putting too much weight on the bars. I have to pay attention to it. Get some padded gloves They help with sweat and numb hands.

I still screw up gear changes now and again; did it twice on Tuesday :cuss: . The worst is when you accidentally go up instead of down when you are approaching a significant climb. :furious: Remember 1 front ring is equal to three in the rear. Most of the time I find myself changing multiple gears at a time because the terrain changes rapidly. So it's nice to switch form big front to middle front for a climb and back to big front as you crest and start your descent. It is very effective in places like Spider Woman at Harbison where the climbs and descents are steep and short. Keep your momentum, gear down, climb quick, gear up, descend. turn, slide on pine straw or loose gravel, hit the ground hard on your leg and hip, breathe deep and swallow hard to keep from throwing up, look at the raw skin, swear, get back on the bike and do it all over again.

Camel backs are great. In addition to water you can store a pump, an extra tube or two, chain breaker, pliers and alan wrenches, patch kit, tire tools, first aid kit, lead weights, camera, cell phone, snacks, toilet paper, tv remote, extra spokes and a spoke tool, lard, epipen, knife, and 2 live chickens.
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Postby Blackwater » Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:49 pm

Ontime wrote:Sometimes the transition needs to happen quick.

True, true. If it doesn't, then you will need lots of padding for the aforementioned "package."

On our trek in the Manchester, I left the chickens at home, but had a goodly supply of water & a .38 in case we needed to kill something for food.

Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.

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Postby bigtime » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:47 pm

My shorts are always catching on the seat...and sometimes pulls my shorts half way down. I don't have the big butt issue a al curtdavis.

I have started on a couple climbs before and got my shorts caught on the seat...I'm trying to dig in and the seat is pulling me down...pain in the ol kisser.

But anything beats wearing spandex!

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